A general problem that has been considered since specific cases.

How can the study of the disappearance of mammals in France introduce us to a problem that concerns large areas through the planet and very many species ?

We will not discuss all the causes that put certain species at risk. We will focus on the fact that these disappearances are a phenomenon that challenges the way we live, whether locally or globally.
Indeed, if we consider nature (in the large sense) as a system, then it must, like any system, present a certain balance that allows it to exist.  This system is difficult to describe because the different parts of it require a lot of information, as shown by the simple fact of predicting the weather, which requires great computing power. However, we cannot deny that in this system, we are involved as a part of it. Moreover, as in any system, if one part starts to operate differently, there will be repercussions on the rest of the parts and ultimately on the system itself.
It turns out that after a brief study of the different mass exti…

About us and about our blog

ABOUT OUR BLOG : All of us are involved with animal in different ways. Nowadays more and more animal species are disappear. We also hear about the phenomenon of « Colony collapse disorder », a well known phenomenon that may cause the extinction of all living species. The causes of this environmental phenomenon are, of course harmful pesticides that are dangerous for bees or Asian hornet. We'd like to discuss this situation that concerns all of us. A good way to try to understand thoses disappearances is to try to do research on the animals that are disappearing in our close environment and are very close to their extinction. That's why we decided to do specific research on endangered mammals in France, of course we won't be able to answer fully on the subject. To achieve this blog we decided to work on three topics : -A search of the different causes of the animal extinction nowadays (and some quick examples with already extinct species) -A section about how animals and human…